Social Media Management is an everyday practice.  It includes content creation, posting, commenting, following and replying to your followers, customers and potential buyers.

With our ability to connect anywhere, anytime we reach out to Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, LinkedIn, etc to stay connected to our friends and families.

According to Canadian’s Internet Business website here is the most recent breakdown of penetration by Social Media platform as of 2016.


In most cases people value business referrals and reviews from Social Media.

Why is Social Media important for you business and how we can help you manage this?

Social Media gives you the ability to reach out and converse with your buyers before they ever come to the store.  It's a vehicle to have a personality online and a way to connect with individuals.

The right campaigns, with the right messaging can help significantly drive positive brand awareness for your business.

Talk to us today about ensuring you're capitalizing on your Social Platforms.  Whether it's Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or SnapChat, we have the right ideas to get you in front of a growing audience.

In Front Marketing targets your business to a specific postal code up to a city, province or country through multiple social media networks ensuring your business is top of mind.

We've learned about Display Advertising, targeting your ads with Behavioral Targeting and Content Targeting.  We have also discussed the importance of Content Creation and advertising that content.   Last but not least there was Search Engine Marketing and now Social Media Management.  

What we need to discuss is the value for your business.  The next few pages will go through the advertising cycle and how it applies to the solutions have available for your business.

Had enough reading?  Let's meet in person.  Reach out today!