Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is currently the most popular form of digital advertising.  SEM, known also as Pay Per Click (PPC), sometimes referred to as Google Ad Words is turning 18 this year!  Can you believe it's been around since 2000? 

This doesn't mean it's ineffective.  Quite the contrary.  It is one of the most effective way to convert potential buyers online or push them to call and visit the store.

Did you know that SEM has a majority of benefits besides purchase intent?  We want to explain to you why it should be a part of your day to day digital advertising so we will list off a few reasons.

1) Adwords is scalable, measurable and flexible.  We can help you work with almost any budget and working with In Front Marketing will show you the results!

2) Adwords is more effective than SEO at time.  It gives you the ability to pay to be seen unlike SEO which can take time to develop content and trust with Google, climbing the ranks organically.

3) 70% of mobile searches call businesses directly (Source).  We are living in a mobile world and we at In Front Marketing want to help your customers reach you.  Whether it's clicking to call, getting directions or just visiting your website.

With an integrated campaign that includes Digital Display Advertising & Search Engine Marketing we can show you behaviors, conversions and adjust campaigns in real-time.  We can sit with you and discuss goals, outcomes and expectations.  SEM will drive purchase intent but are you getting the one on one, hands on support you and your business requires?  

In Front Marketing is there for you and your business.

New to SEM?  Don't worry, we will do the heavy lifting so you don't have too.  Experienced in SEM?  Let us free up your time by managing and integrating your campaigns to show overall ROI.

Social Media is growing every day, let's learn about how In Front Marketing can help you with this.

Already have Social Media covered or want to discuss what you're doing?  Let's chat on how In Front Marketing can help you achieve your marketing goals.