We mentioned the sales funnel in the previous page (Step 1 - Awareness).

In Front is working with your business, getting your message delivered to hundreds and thousands of people and people are clicking on the ads, they've seen your display ads and instead of clicking, they're Google Searching your business or your offer within display ads and they're visiting your site.  Maybe they're on Facebook researching asking their friends and family thoughts.

This is where engagement in your brand happens.  Interest leads to a decision.  

With Content Creation and Content Advertising along with Social Media we can help push people deeper down the sales funnel.  

Once they've researched your products, brand and offering they are ready to make a decision.

A decision has two outcomes.

First, they're not interested in what you're selling.  This happens.  There are many factors why someone may not purchase.

Second, they're going to purchase.  They've engaged you through phone calls, emails or website visits.  They have their answers they were looking for and are confident with what they've seen from you.  They want to take action.

So where does this action happen?  How do we capture people who want to buy?  Let's take a look.