Similar to Behavioral Targeting, content targeting uses the content (what you're reading) on a website to target your digital message. 

In Front Marketing's technology allows us to target thousands of websites.

Interested in placing your ad in front of potential viewers that read sports articles?  No issue, we have options for sport readers (TSN, Sportsnet, ESPN).  We understand that 'sports' is a vague target, so how about hockey content?  Baseball, Basketball, Football, Lacrosse and on and on.

Maybe you're after home renovations, electrical, plumbing.  We can get your message in front of people that are researching this information to ensure your ads perform.

There are hundreds and thousands of different types of content we can target.  Your audience will show us what content to target.

Display Advertising, Audience and Content targeting are all a part of the awareness phase of digital advertising. 

So, now that we have delivered your messaging in front of hundreds and thousands of people, what's next?  They know what you're saying, but how do we get them to build trust in your brand?

We will discuss Content Creation and how important it is with today's 'digital shopper' and why it matters for your brand and how In Front Marketing can help you.