Content Creation is when an organization creates content for businesses or when you create content for your own business. 

This content could explain a product or service you offer, it could bring value to your business in terms of branding / awareness or it could be a sales driven message (also know as advertorial).

Search Engines (Google, Bing) love real, original content created by people.  Real content (either created by you or created by someone else for your business) should be purpose driven and reviewed by a copywriter for accuracy, punctuation and relevance.  

Most organizations that offer to write content have you pay for the content to be created but host it on their website.  Although this will have a positive impact on your business, it only grows their own site traffic.  

We at In Front Marketing question this tactic.  If you pay for content to be created on your behalf, shouldn't you own this content?  We believe so.  

Research has shown that content not only engages potential buyers, but it pushes them into the final buying cycle (know as conversion).  This content also has tremendous value when it comes to brand trust and awareness.  This is why the content you pay for must live on your site.  It has to represent your brand, messaging and have direct call to action.

When we work with your business we help devise a content delivery plan.  We work with you to strategize the content and delivery tactics to ensure you're not only educating your potential clients, but the content is being delivered to the right audience.

We work with you to build an advertising plan around the content creation and attract people back to your website, extending the reach of your content and show you the value behind Content Creation.

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