We've helped you create content or you have created the content.  It tells a story, it follows a theme, it sells a product or maybe it educates people on your local business.

People who are familiar with your brand and products are going to read this content.  They understand your website and brand.  We build further trust with them and teach them something they don't know about you, the brand or the business.  

If they don't learn something new, we reaffirm their positive thoughts and opinions of your brand.

But what about people that have similar interests to your current customer base?  Maybe they haven't heard of your brand.  We know they would find value in your content and your brand.  This is where we can take your content creation to the next level. 

Similar to behavioral targeting and content targeting, we have the ability to deliver this fresh, new, exciting content into the hands of new potential clientele for your business.  Using content advertising we entice readers to read your content based on their personalities, browsing data, history online and behaviors.

This tactic called Content Advertising (also know in the industry as Native Advertising) will ensure that we're reaching current and new clientele for your business.  They will read this content on your website, they educate themselves on the brand and make the decision to purchase from you.

At In Front Marketing, we have cost effective content creation and advertising options.  Contact us today to discuss why this needs to be in your businesses marketing plan and how we can help you do it the right way.

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